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AERIDHEACHT - Taking the Air

Tuesday 5th - Sunday 10th July 2016, Pearse Museum, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16

In June 2015 fifty young people will set out to re-imagine the St. Enda’s School open day of 1914.

Working over the last year with an artist team and with the support from the curator and staff at the Pearse Museum, our performers have devised a performance that will give its audience a glimpse of what St Enda’s School might have been and its place in the story of Ireland’s journey to independence……..

On Saturday June 13 1914 an Irish Times Reporter makes his way out to Rathfarnham village on a crowded tram and then walks the remaining distance with other passengers to St Enda’s College to attend the Annual Fete Day.

Amongst the passengers are some of the leading lights of the Gaelic League and the Cultural Revival who represent the dreams and political ambitions of generations of Irish nationalists.  They avidly discuss the Third Home Rule Bill as it nears the end of its stormy passage through the House of Commons and a country increasingly divided north and south.

For over a year now armed militias, the unionist UVF in the North and the nationalist Irish Volunteers and socialist Citzens Army in the South have repeatedly taken to the streets in shows of strength and provocation. 

The secretive IRB are busy recruiting.

However it is a glorious summer’s day and a welcome respite from the political turmoil facing the country.

Our reporter from Ireland’s leading English language paper is there to investigate the ‘interesting experiment that has been going on for some time at St Enda’s School of demonstrating the practicability  of combining the somewhat elusive element of nationality with modern educational methods  that has met with some measure of success’

A programme of activities has been laid on for the visitors, families and friends of the boys attending the boarding school. 

He will meet St Enda’s teacher Roisin Dubh who will be his guide for the afternoon.

But is Roisin all she claims to be?

 ‘a mere history teacher’

Inspired by St Enda’s Founder and Principal Patrick Pearse, who with his staff are patiently working out what an ideal Irish School should be,  or does she represent another force in the Nationalist cause that is becoming more prominent and publically demonstrative in the struggle and opposition to Irish self-determination.

Meanwhile the St Enda’s boys and their friends have prepared their annual event an afternoon of activities to demonstrate the radical education vision they are living day to day.  This will include sports, music and a pageant.  It will also raise funds for the cash strapped school.